Our Meetings

Regular Lodge Meetings

The Hull Old Grammarians’ meet on the third Tuesday of the month, at Minerva Masonic Hall, Dagger Lane, with the evening’s proceedings commencing at 6.30pm sharp.  Being a former school Lodge, we do not meet during the school summer vacation (July and August), meaning we meet ten times per year.  Of those meetings, one is taken up with Lodge business and administration, and a second is our Installation night during which the new Worshipful Master will ascend to the Chair, and the Lodge’s various offices will be allocated to members.  The regular Lodge meetings are divided into two phases: first we assemble in the Lodge room itself in our regalia to undertake the scheduled Lodge business (usually a Degree ritual); the members then remove their regalia and enjoy a ‘Festive Board’, a three-course meal with toasts.

Lodge of Instruction (LOI)

These are very informal meetings (wearing ‘civvies’) held on the second Monday of the month whenever a regular Lodge is scheduled.  These provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry and its history and symbols.  Equally importantly, it is a great chance to practice learning and delivering some ritual in a relaxed environment, hopefully giving you the encouragement and confidence to go on and do it for real in an open Lodge.  It is especially helpful for the team of incoming officers who will be installed in the forthcoming year to get in some informal practice.


Visiting is very much encouraged in Freemasonry and most of our meetings will be honoured by visits by members of other Lodges.  Visiting advances your Masonic knowledge, expands your circle of friends and acquaintances beyond your own Lodge, and exposes you to the fantastic variety of ritual, traditions and Lodge architecture and furnishings within Masonry.  Hull Old Grammarians’ place a high priority on making our visitors feel welcome and if you’d like to experience our hospitality and gratitude then please arrange a visit with our Secretary.

The Royal Arch

Hull Old Grammarians’ have our own Chapter of the Holy Royal Arch which meets five times per year (Feb, Mar, Jul, Oct & Dec) on the first Thursday of the month.  Though by no means mandatory, almost all of our Craft members go on to join our Chapter.